Thinking about publishing a book to establish thought leadership and lead generation? It’s easier than you think!

Many of you thought leaders and subject matter experts are out there every day hacking away at eBooks, whitepapers, blogs, etc., so why not get the credit as an established, published author in your field? Or you may want to establish thought leadership in your field, publishing a book is a great option!

Published authors gain instant credibility and having a printed book provides you with a great marketing tool to sell your product or service. Whether you are a coach, consultant, have a CPG, or law firm, a printed book can educate on the specific subject matter that helps sell you or your product/service.

Here are 7 steps to leveraging short-form content for a published book!

  1. Write the purpose of the book. i.e. The purpose of this book is to provide a training plan for people that want to run a marathon. Make sure you are offering something valuable.
  2. Define your audience. i.e. This book is for people that want to run a marathon, but are just getting started. Make sure this aligns with the same audience you want to attract for your products and services.
  3. Write multiple titles for the book to find the most compelling.
  4. Write the table of contents/outline. Be descriptive.
  5. Now, go find the content that you’ve already created in your blogs, white papers, and ebooks. And if you haven’t already created the content, start writing. Hire a copywriter/ghostwriter if you don’t like to write.
  6. Break each chapter of your book into an eBook and use for lead-generation on your website. Have each eBook align with your brand and designed professionally.
  7. Self-publish your book and distribute on your website, social media, speaking engagements, etc. You can also seek traditional publication.

Treat this book like a marketing investment! If compelling and done well, it will bring you new business.

Have you written a book? Do you have additional tips/tricks?




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