Relevant Content + SEO + Facebook = New Customers. Integrating digital strategy to drive revenue.

The biggest problem with social media strategies is they are not intertwined with your website strategy, let alone the overall sales and business strategy. I see this mistake all of the time with brands, which is why they don’t get the traction they are looking for with social media and get disenchanted with the platform as a key part of the marketing and selling process.

Yes social media is social, yes you should engage, yes you want to create brand awareness, but you can still do all of this with great content and presenting things that people need and want to buy. Regardless of what they say, people like to be sold to. They don’t want to miss out on what’s new (FOMO). I have purchased numerous things from clicking on sponsored content presented to me on Facebook. From both new brands and brands that familiar as well as those that are retargeting me. If you want conversion, you better be using Facebook and Instagram in your strategy married with a solid SEO strategy for the RIGHT organic inbound traffic. From my experience, Facebook converts higher than PPC and is a way better way to engage someone long-term with your brand.

To be successful, you cannot think of social media and your website as two separate channels, but two channels that must work together to drive your marketing and sales objectives.

Want more leads, prospects and customers? This starts with the development of a solid content strategy. Here is my magic formula:

Right audience + right product/service + right SEO optimized content on the site + right Facebook Sponsored posts driving to your content/product = Marketing Nirvana.

Do you think of your digital strategy in this way? What’s your philosophy and is it helping you drive revenue?









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