How brands can stop sucking and start succeeding on Facebook (in spite of the new algorithm changes).

Facebook has to be the most frustrating platform for marketers. Just when you think you have it all figured out, they change the rules. And then brands find ways to ‘cheat’ the algorithm resulting in more changes from Facebook – such a vicious cycle.

It’s may seem easier to just give up on Facebook, but you just can’t. There are over 2 billion global users on Facebook and 1.4 billion login to Facebook every. damn. day. You just simply cannot ignore this platform. (Check out these blow your mind Facebook stats from Zephora Digital Marketing.)

So how the heck do you keep up with the changes? Well, you can read articles like this, or spend your days on Facebook posting content and engaging to figure out what works (that’s what I do to save you time and headache).

That being said, here are are my tips for Facebook success in the algorithm:

  1. Less content is more. Focus on quality over quantity. There is so much content out there – more crappy content just makes us part of the problem. Post a minimum of once per week and a max of once per day for Facebook. Posting 2-3 per day is no longer acceptable or necessary.
  2. Pay-to-play. You must boost your posts – organic reach is already low, give your posts a boost to get seen. Budget Facebook like any other media.
  3. Create Conversations – not likes. Focus on content that elicits reactions beyond likes. Focus on loves, wows, sadness, anger, and conversation. Facebook wants people to engage with one another in a meaningful way.
  4. Create a Facebook Group. These groups get the top billing in the news feed. If your audience has common around a topic related to your product, create a group and start a conversation (not a sales pitch). This is great market research tool too.
  5. Live Video. Facebook notifies your followers when you go live. Free organic reach people! Share company news, upcoming launches, interview clients (testimonials). Most important be real, be engaging! Pro tip: Let people know ahead of time when you will go live.
  6. Video, video, video. The Facebook algorithm continues to favor video. 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. They don’t always have to be professionally done (just make sure it matches your brand). A good iPhone video with you telling your brand story, demonstrating your product or sharing a “how-to” tip will do!
  7. Be strategic. Go in with a plan. What do you want to accomplish on Facebook? What content do you need to create to make it happen? How will you measure success?
  8. Market your products/services. I bought from three companies just this last week that marketed to me in the newsfeed. Sales happen on Facebook.

Whatever your goal (brand awareness, web traffic, selling your products, market research, etc), go forth and use these tips to create great Facebook content that helps you succeed at marketing and life.




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