5 Low-Cost/High-Impact Marketing Tips for New Brands

Where the hell do you start when you are just starting out and/or trying to bootstrap your way to success with minimal resources? There are some very simple, low-cost marketing tactics and tools that will help you get to the next level and they don’t cost a fortune.

Here are my top 5 recommendations when getting started:

  1. Develop Your Brand Story – Why are you doing this/why does this company exist? Where do you see this company in 10 years? What do your best customers have to say about you? Who are you helping and why? Easiest way to communicate, make videos and put them on your website, YouTube and social channels.
  2. Develop a Good Website – This is time and money well spent. A good site doesn’t have to cost thousands and is easier to set-up and customize than ever before. Use WordPress, it’s a great place to start, even with eCommerce. Many people know this platform and can help you if you get stuck. Think through your story and strategize the content you will need to help you educate, inform and convert your audience.
  3. Get Social – Set-up your social media accounts. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the foundational platforms. Determine the best channels based on your audience and strategy. Use these channels to engage with your audience and promote your business and content to gain new followers.
  4. Network, Network, Network – join industry associations, local chambers, attend conferences and shows. Tell your brand story every chance you get. Add your new contacts to your CRM and connect with them on LinkedIn.
  5. Implement a CRM – capture and nurture leads and prospects and manage your customer relationships. Create online forms for your website, enter all of your networking contacts and stay in front of them. While there are several on the market, my recommendation for simple and easy – Hatchbuck

What are your recommendations and tips for new brands?


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