5 Brands Really Getting Customer Experience & Content Really RIGHT.

Do you struggle to make your brand stand-out in the sea of sameness and copy cat marketing tactics?

As a marketer, I can’t help but notice when a brand gets it right. Really, really right. Whether it’s a transactional experience, product experience, or social media content (or a combination of all of the above), I have a shortlist of brands that have earned my loyalty in more ways than I can even explain in the shortness of a blog post.

Given the current climate in conscious consumerism (my favorite new term), it’s very tough for brands to break through and stay on this level. But these brands have done it. Here are my top 5:

  1. Southwest Airlines: Whether it’s a PR video about transporting animals abandoned in the hurricane in my Facebook newsfeed, their awesome Rapid Rewards Program, or a birthday card with free drink tickets, they have won me over heart and soul. If Southwest doesn’t fly there, I don’t need to go. Period.
  2. Lego: My kid loves Lego’s, but doesn’t understand how their content marketing is hooking him into life long brand loyalist. However, I’m certainly old enough to understand the magnitude of their content marketing strategy. A 2 hour + feature commercial that people pay to see. I don’t need to say anymore. Do yourself a favor, go watch The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, and The Lego Ninjago Movie (original content and characters) now.
  3. Moon Pie: Go check out their twitter account right now https://twitter.com/MoonPie. Then go hire someone to represent your brand and bring it to life in that way. You. Are. Welcome.
  4. Costco: The most organic groceries, less than $2 per gallon milk, free samples in store (I’ve had an entire lunch while shopping at Costco), travel deals, caskets on Costco.com, etc. The list is long and plentiful. When your 6 year-old asks to go to Costco on a Saturday – they’ve won as a brand on so many levels. Bonus: the free Costco Connection magazine that comes with your membership is a great read!
  5. Amazon: So many brands were scared of what Amazon would do to retail, and they were right. But probably didn’t realize the true magnitude. I’ve had my Amazon account since 2001, so you don’t have to tell me the value. But Amazon delivers on so many levels literally and figuratively, but will truly own the customer loyalty with Prime. Free 2 Day shipping on corned beef? Count. Me. In.

What are the brands that you think get it right and why?


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