6 Reasons Your Marketing Execution is Failing to Drive Revenue

Are you having trouble getting your marketing programs off the ground? Or feel like you are in a marketing rut. There are usually a few key issues you can point back to when evaluating your marketing performance. Here are the top 6 issues I usually uncover:

  1. You are focused on tactics instead of strategy. You love trends and shiny marketing objects. Maybe it’s the shiny new social channel or you want to try a marketing channel because you read  that someone other brand is using it successfully. Before you leap – make sure your tactics are rooted in solid marketing strategy and are relevant to your audience.
  2. Your marketing strategies do not ladder up to the bigger company goals and objectives. This is a no brainer. Focus on how your marketing strategies achieve bigger company goals and you will be THE marketing hero!
  3. You are too focused on promotions and not focused on building your brand. What does your brand mean in the hearts of your fans? What is your position in the market? What makes you unique? Build on that message, not promotions.
  4. You are not engaging and listening to your audience. Don’t just push messages out on social media and on other marketing channels. Have a conversation with your audience. Be open to feedback around your brand and products. Are you keeping up with their wants and needs? Educate your audience, not on the features and benefits of your products, but on ‘why’ they need them.
  5. You are not focused completely on the customer experience. The sum of your brand equals every touch point your audience has (whether they are positive or negative) with your organization. The more positive, the stronger your brand. From your marketing promise, to the way you answer the phone to the way your product performs once your audience is using it, all contribute to brand growth OR death.
  6. Your audience is too niche and narrow or too broad. Too narrow, they won’t generate enough revenue to scale your business. Too broad and your message will be diluted and meaningless.

What other issues have you uncovered? Do you focus on the bigger picture and long-term vision when you are building your marketing strategy?


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