Why it took me so long to blog

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for several years, but just couldn’t decide what to write about. When I thought of a topic, I would think why would anyone care about that? I’d brainstorm over and over. Do I write about family anecdotes? Do I write about the supplement industry? Do I write about my dogs (I have four)?  It took me giving a marketing presentation to a group of Master’s student’s and one of the students coming up to me after the class and saying “I can just sit and listen to you all night” to help me realize that I should talk about something I’m an expert in and passionate about. Brands and Marketing.

I’ve spent almost 20 years perfecting my brand and marketing skills and processes. When I chose marketing as my career path, I set out to be the best marketer I can possibly be. I have amassed a ton of knowledge in brand development, marketing strategy and many functions of marketing including sales management, promotions, media, PR, social media, CRM, and the ultimate – customer experience management.

I want to use this blog platform to help brand and marketing professionals with everything from strategy to execution to personal growth and development. I will be touching on many topics including:

  • Top 10 Business Books for Marketing Professionals
  • Agency’s when they work and when they don’t
  • Brands on Social Media – the best strategies for engagement
  • 5 Mistakes Brands Make on Social Media
  • How to write an effective creative brief
  • How to choose a CRM
  • The customer journey, where to start.

And much more. The hardest part about brand and marketing strategy is execution and there is so much to learn and do – so let’s do this together!

Let’s get started. What other topics would you like to see on my blog?



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